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Can & PET Bottle Beverage Vending Machine

Hot & Cold Can Vending Machine Hot & Cold Can Vending Machine
  • 30 selection 30 button (Max.18PET bottle products)
  • Annual power consumption : 575 kWh, 220 V supported (50 Hz / 60 Hz)
  • Dimensions : 1,830 mm(H) × 1,181 mm(W) × 731 mm(D)
  • Equipped with 3-column PET bottle rack
  • Equipped with new type DC vending mechanism
  • Equipped with LED lighting
  • Hybrid heat pump
  • Use of a wide display


Rack configuration and Hot/Cold product segmentation

Rack configuration and hot/cold product segmentation

Rack types and product compatibility

B : 200/250/350ml cans, 280/330ml PET bottles
BS : 160/200/250/350ml cans, 280/300ml PET bottles
P1 : Up to long size 500ml PET bottle(228mm)
P2 : Up to nomal size 500ml PET bottle(213mm)


Slim can(φ53mm): 595
Wide can(φ66mm): 450
PET bottle(φ66mm): 270


  • Interface encourages willingness to purchase

    Wide panel display promotes the products. Clean appearance additionally encourages consumer willingness to purchase
  • Diversification of vended products

    Product diversification enhances the sales channel expansion of the vending machine
  • Decrease in vending problems

    Reduction of lost vending opportunities Increase in rate of repeat purchases due to improved reliability


Three row PET rack(18columns)

  • Wide variety of products
  • Long size PET bottle rack (P1):Max.228mm
Equipped with 3-column PET bottle rack

DC motor vending mechanism

Sold-out sensor mounted in the vending mechanism detects product jams.
  1. Product jam is reduced by the retry function.
  2. For a cash purchase, a refund or selection of other product is also possible.
  3. Vending to the next customer from the jammed column is prevented.
Equipped with new type DC vending mechanism

Energy savings

  • Improved capability of the inverter, compressor control, and insulation
  • Equipped with LED Lighting
    Life time of the product is longer than fluorecent lights.
  • Equipped with a hybrid heat pump
Energy savings


Model FAA30L6RT7NY
Dimensions 1,830 mm(H) × 1,181 mm(W) × 731 mm(D)
Product weight 247 kg
Lighting LED
Cooling device Compressor : reciprocating type, 6.36 ㎝3
Heating device Sheathed heater : 310 W + 310 W
Power consumption C:C:C 288 w / 288 w
H:C:C 188 w / 188 w
C:H:C 494 w / 494 w
H:H:C 534 w / 534 w
Electrical outlet capacity 15 A
Cooling volume 1,536 L
Annual power consumption 575 kWh
According to JIS B 8561:2007
Power supply Single-phase, 220 V ±10 %, 50 / 60 Hz
Available for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand.
※ Please contact us for other countries and regions
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