Boiler combustion solution

Boiler combustion solution

Optimizing the combustion of our customers' boilers reduces their fuel costs and protects the global environment.


This solution can be adopted for new installations of our control devices, as well as on the existing control devices of other companies. The adoption of this solution can be applied and implemented smoothly with just some relatively simple modifications.

System configuration diagram

System configuration diagram [E.g. existing control device (other company product)]

What is the "area for ultra-low excess air ratio combustion"?

Conventional common control systems detect the O2 concentration in boiler exhaust gas and control the air-fuel ratio (ratio for theoretical air volume) to ensure the required concentration (represented by the orange area in the diagram on the following).
It is possible to reduce heat loss by further lowering the air-fuel ratio, but just as it was confirmed earlier, Fuji Electric has been able to develop a practical combustion control solution in the “area for ultra-low excess air ratio combustion” (represented by the blue area in the diagram on the following) for continuously generating CO in regularly minute amounts in the exhaust gas.

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