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Steel EMS package LITE

Steel EMS package LITE


Reduction of initial investment and optimal operations

  • Easy startup based on steel EMS solution technology developed in Japan
  • Ideal for overseas steelworks without experience in energy center installation, and various plants with in-house power generation facilities
  • Basic design can be implemented by customers, and simplified optimization conditions keep costs low

Customer concerns

Comparison of EMS solutions and EMS package LITE

Objective Function Overview Steel EMS solution EMS package LITE
Visualization of present conditions Planning management
  • Operators forecast future energy fluctuations.
  • Production plans and plant operation plans provide information for forecasting.

Top-level linkage
Form management
  • Records operation performance of the plant.
Performance management
  • Operators monitor the current energy balance.
  • Monitoring is done using the plant monitoring screen and energy balance screen.
Visualization of future conditions Supply and demand forecasting
  • Notifies operators of future energy fluctuations.
  • Enables a stable supply of energy.
  • Two methods are available for forecasting future energy fluctuations: using production plans and using plant operation plans.

Supply and demand forecasting
(Holders, steam, byproduct gas, power, oxygen)

(Power demand, holders)
Energy-saving operations Optimization
  • Operate plans for cost-saving stable energy supply or minimizing CO₂.
  • Optimal operation of holders to prevent emissions.
  • Optimization of fuel allocation for boilers and turbines in power plants.
  • Operation of oxygen generation facilities suitable for the oxygen requirements.

Optimal allocation and automatic control(Holders, power plants, oxygen)

Made possible with daily-planning functions
Operation by operators
Optimization of overall facilities
(Daily and monthly plans)
  • Optimization of long-term energy balance. Optimization of overall facilities.
  • Implement daily or monthly operation plans with cost savings or minimum CO₂.
Analysis and diagnosis Data analysis
  • Long-term storage of actual data to understand the energy consumption unit of each product. Also, understand long-term changes in energy.
Option Option
Facility failure forecasting
  • Used as preventive maintenance to forecast facility failures in advance by correlating multiple sets of past data.
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