Fuji Electric Global

Power Electronics as a force social good. Contributing to the creation of a sustainable society.

Power Electronics

Our core technology to control electricity

Fuji Electric contribute to the realization of a responsible and sustainable society by capitalizing on the electric technology under our control.

Fuji Electric’s technical capabilities and collective strength.
Contributing to society in every way possible.
Working with customers to ensure their satisfaction.
Unchanging values since our foundation.
Fuji Electric’s DNA remains the same, leveraging the kindness,
sincerity, and diverse individuality of our employees.

Power Electronics as
a force for social good.

Social Good

Kindness to the global environment and people. A desire to contribute to the
creation of a responsible society, and the DNA of our company.


The power to support society. Our intention to contribute to the creation of a
prosperous society with our products and technologies.

Fuji Electric has contributed to shaping society by
developing many advanced systems, ranging from
energy creation to stable energy supply, energy
savings, automation, and mobility electrification,
utilizing our core technologies and cherishing our
customers and society as a whole.

Moving forward, we will continue to develop the
most advanced technologies through partner
collaboration and open innovation.
By pursing innovation in electric and thermal energy technology,
we remain committed to developing products that
maximize energy efficiency and lead to a responsible
and sustainable society.

To be enthusiastic, ambitious and sensitive.

Corporate Slogan